The SHEIN Check-In Program

The SHEIN Check-In Program
1. You will earn SHEIN Points ("Daily Points") for each day that you successfully check-in (i.e., entering the check-in page) on the SHEIN Site or APP.
2. If you successfully check-in for multiple days on the Site or APP within 30 days, you will receive SHEIN Points and/or SHEIN Coupons.
3. SHEIN reserves the right to prohibit you from participating in this Program and/or bar you from using SHEIN’s Services, if it finds–at its sole discretion–that you have exhibited any of the following behaviors in Program:
  • a. If you have engaged in cheating behavior (including but not limited to: launching attacks on the system, obtaining unearned benefits, illegally using modified software, cloning, jailbreaking, rooting, etc.).
  • b. If you have violated any of the rules of the Program and/or any of the agreements covering SHEIN Services.
  • c. If you have created multiple and/or fake User Accounts, as may be uncovered through network operation logs, transaction order information, payment information and other information related to the user's identity and behavior.
4. Points or gift box rewards shown on the page are the maximum value that may be earned, the actual value is based on the rewards issued.
5. SHEIN Points and Coupons are subject to the terms and conditions of the Bonus Point Policy and Coupon Policy, respectively.